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Travel with soul.

“Only if we manage to see the universe as a complete whole in which each part reflects the totality and where its great variety is its great beauty will we begin to understand who and where we really are.”

TizianoTerzani-“Letter against war”

Welcoming others and feeling welcomed

Diversity is life itself. It’s world reality.

Diversity is necessary to our very survival;it’sevolution’s secret. Each living being is born unique and different from all others and it’sonly together with them that they form the universe.

The Differences wants to see man meet man and understand all his different cultures -up close and personal.

Our company is especially for those who want not only to encounter other cultures but also enter into genuine dialogue with them; it’s for travellers who relish challenge, have the courage to really get involved and the ability to appreciate others’ points of view and their different way of being.

Real adventure is not physical, but rather is about real, personal growth, pushing the boundaries, increasing our individual ability to adapt. It’s about broadening our horizons in every sense. Adventure is all about developing an ‘eye’ for seeing beyond the obvious.

We believe that any country can only truly bediscovered and intimately understood through its music, its songs, its smells and perfumes; having admired its sunsets and listened to the talk of its local people, it’s only by experiencing the place at an emotional level, a heart level that you can really understand a place and commune with the soul of the country you’re visiting.

Our Philosophy

La Differenza consiste nell'approccio.

“The real voyage of discovery

consists not in seeking new landscapes,

but in having new eyes.”

– Marcel Proust –

Can you really make a difference just by the kind of holiday you go for?

Today, yes. Because The Differences only identifies, selects and promotes top level Hotels, Resorts, Hotel Chains and DMCs whorespect the environment and are committed to sustainability.

Whilst admittedly within the luxury sector, each of the hotels and resorts we select is actively contributing to the growth and well-being of their home country through philanthropic activities and then purposefully rallying support for them.

No travel experience organised by The Differencesever exploits the destination, but rather contributes to its prosperity through collaboration with local NGOs and non-profits. We develop holidays in conjunction with local training programs, involving traditional crafts skills and relying on the knowledge of the local guides.

These insights into travel destinations all come within a framework of total, five-star comfort. And, more than being an end in itself, this is merely the launching pad for getting a truer, more enlightened understanding of the holiday location. This, we believe, is theundeniable ‘added value’ of the travel services offered by The Differences.


Personal Inspiration

Just like real craftsmen, we love the materials we work with

Our adventure holidays are our heart and soul, the destinations are our dreams. Our clients’ holidays, our satisfaction.



A bridge between two cultures.

Our Experts

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Anil Kumar
An Indian who thinks in Italian.
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Lorenzo Pericle Bonoldi
Art historian, Art Lover and Travelling Gentleman.
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Masters of Art.
Italian ``tailored``.


Blog posts

The wonder of travelling “tailor-made”

The US market teaches that there are many travelers who do not like starting blindly buying packages online; indeed, just to have the guarantee that everything works well during the tour, they are willing to pay very high fees. The North American agencies have been able to capitalize on the direct relationship with their customers and have started to sell it as a service. Indeed, they act as exclusive clubs. In Italy too few agencies and networks are specializing in tailor made, ensuring timely transfer from the person, the best rates on private planes, the most beautiful suites in hotels, or anything that you can not expect with online booking. The time to travel and to make a holiday is becoming less and can not be wasted on problems that an agency can prevent and manage professionally. Differently from online, the travel designers are professionals, willing to listen and understand the needs, capable of suggesting recommendations on a personal basis, prepared to solve problems promptly. This is the way we work here at The Differences.

Ecco il turismo etico e responsabile

Ecco il turismo etico, responsabile e alla portata di tutti Il modo di scoprire il mondo sta cambiando e si sta facendo strada un turismo etico, che si fonda sulla sostenibilità ambientale e sul rispetto per i luoghi e le persone che li abitano.

Le Emozioni non chiedono il permesso

Le Emozioni non chiedono il permesso! Esplodono ed incantano per ragioni diverse. Oggi lusso è ricercare esperienze di viaggio uniche e irripetibili, pensate e costruite su esigenze specifiche del cliente. Le emozioni nascono spontanee dalla suggestione più semplice. Questa è la magia del nuovo modo di viaggiare.